Passionate about Singapore's culture?
Love talking about your favourite Singaporean food / places?
Want to connect and befriend someone new in your community? 
We are looking for volunteers like you!
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Building a Singapore without Strangers.

Your Familiar Stranger (YFS) is a non-profit initiative, proudly founded by a group of young, passionate Singaporeans, which aims to be a platform for breaking social barriers by connecting people from all over the world in this little red dot that we all call home! 

In order to do so, we are recruiting a team of enthusiastic volunteer guides to help bring our friends around Singapore! We're looking for Singaporeans who love sharing about our unique culture, and forming genuine connections with those around them.

If this sounds like you, then what are you waiting for!
Hello, Stranger! What's your name? *

Don't worry, we won't be strangers for long!
... and your phone number? *

We will use this for official reasons only!
We want to get to know you! Tell us more about why you are keen on volunteering with us!

For our pilot run, we will be organising tours in three different neighbourhoods. Look through the list and let us know where you would be interested in conducting a tour in! *

Don't worry, sufficient information on the neighbourhood will be provided prior to the tour itself!

Here are the tentative dates for our tours! When are you free to come down to help? 
(Take note: it will be a full day affair, so keep the date free!)

Do not fret if you aren't for the date that corresponds to the place(s) you have indicated in the previous question. We will work something out!

Any dietary restrictions?

Meals will be provided, so do let us know if you have any food allergies / special requirements! We will do our best to accommodate.
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